Built from the ground up to return capital to Berkeley

We’re a new breed of philanthropic VC. Designed to align incentives in the private markets for Berkeley’s public benefit.

We believe in Berkeley Potential

Berkeley faces an enduring challenge: not enough funding for the things that matter. BFF acts as a conduit for the campus to participate in billions of dollars of value creation from our alumni. To do this we’ve committed 30% of fund profits to support student programs in entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion.

GP Contribution

50% of Carried Interest

LP Contribution

25% of Returns

UC Berkeley Aerial

Your Berkeley Alums

We’re a team of investors with decades of experience investing in more than 100 early-late stage companies, supported by a world class team of advisors.

A long history of forward thinking

From AI and hardware to materials science and biotech, Berkeley’s alumni, researchers, and professors have been integral in creating the industries of tomorrow.