To invest in the best Berkeley startups and provide a meaningful and sustainable revenue source for Berkeley. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Venture + Philanthropy Model

From the GP’s to LP’s to Founders, every stakeholder in BFF contributes to the cause. 

Together we believe in a shared responsibility towards the university and its emerging entrepreneurs.

An Opportunity to Invest

Our alumni founders support us by donating an opportunity to invest in their company. The best companies naturally provide the most optimal chance for Berkeley to benefit. 

An Opportunity to Contribute

Our Alumni Investors support us by giving us the opportunity to magnify their philanthropic dollars. To show our appreciation, we have worked with the Berkeley Foundation properly recognize their commitments. 

Our Partners in the Ecosystem

Our fund invests in frontier technology startups through the Berkeley network. We can’t do it alone. Check out some of the our partners who share our commitment to Cal.